Opening hours

10:00 - 21:00


Programming Workshop

October 6

How children dreams are changing… In the old days we all dreamt of being firemen, policemen, doctors, but world is not the same anymore and the jobs of tomorrow are different and have new names – a programmer, software engineer, developer…

If your child is interested in computers, mobile technologies or if you want to show them a different world, bring them to our programming workshop which we are carrying with the support of Mindhub. There they will learn how to write codes and are also going to learn new skills of the future.

You are welcome on the 6th of October, Saturday, from 11 to 15 h., fl. 0.

You need to register prior to the event! This can be done at Mall Veliko Tarnovo on the day of the event or at the following link. The maximum number of participants at a single workshop is 8 children.

We are expecting you!

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