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10:00 - 21:00


Days of Female Beauty and Health

8-10 March

Dear Ladies, from the 8th till the 10th of March, you are cordially invited to Mall Veliko Tarnovo to meet the specialists we have invited to teach us how to take care of our health and appearance so we can feel good and look good.

Who are we going to meet? Dermatologists from Enigma Aesthetics Center who will diagnose the skin of your face and give you advice on the best care for it. Eucerin will present their anti-wrinkle products which minimize the effect time has on the face. Doppelhertz will tell us about the supplements that help maintain your beautiful looks and health. Happy Mums will tell us about the support and consultations they offer every mother.

On the 9th of March at 12 o’clock Ines Subashka is going to hold a talk titled “Movement and Health”. After the end of her lecture she will consult visitors of the event individually on the topics of healthy lifestyle and sport. We will talk about the importance of eating and movement and the fact that they are always the first step towards inner harmony and good looks.

On the 10th of March at 12 o’clock Silvana Vasileva, a stylist, will demonstrate how to choose clothes fitting the figure, how to combine colors, materials and accessories. And of course, we won’t miss the hottest trends of the spring-summer season.

There’s also going to be a game that may win you a prize!

Don’t miss the days dedicated to our inner beauty and good looks! We are expecting you from the 8th till the 10th of March, from 11 till 19 o’clock at fl. 0.



Here is additional information on some of the specialists we are going to meet:

Who’s Ines Subashka?

Ines Subashka has dedicated her life to helping people discover the road to their new self. The road to restoring their health, confidence, ambition and thirst to realize their potential. She’s the author of four books about healthy eating and sport. The aim of her talk is to show that living healthy is easy and necessary.

Who’s Silvana Vasileva?

Silvana Vasileva is a stylist who studied at one of the most prestigious schools of art and fashion in the world – St. Martin’s College in London. She has worked for various magazines, TV shows and takes care of the personal styling of private clients. Silvana is going to teach us how to create a personal style that reflects our job, age, physical characteristics, hobby and place in society. After meeting her, “I don’t know what to wear” is going to be left in the past.

What Is Eucerin?

Eucerin is a brand dedicated to skin care that is often recommended by dermatologists. Their products are based on deep scientific research. They maintain the health of the skin and heal it if needed. And most importantly – they give confidence.

What Is Doppelhertz?

This is a brand with more than 100 years of history. Its products combine the newest tendencies in medicine and healthy diet with the newest pharmaceutical technologies. The brand offers high quality supplements from natural products – vitamins and minerals extracted from plants. And German quality, of course.

What is Happy Mums?

Happy Mums is our trusted partner in the monthly event “School for Parents”. The company is dedicated to supporting pregnant women and young mothers. They offer professional advice and consultations.

What is Enigma Aesthetic Center?

It is a cosmetic center whose specialists made the comfort, calm state of mind and beauty of their clients their mission.

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