Opening hours

10:00 - 21:00


Festival of the board games

February 24-25

Do you often feel bored in the long, cold winter days? We are here to help you take advantage of the peace and quiet of the season and enjoy winter with your friends and family. One way to do that is by diving into the adventure and battles of board gaming! We invite you to a whole festival dedicated to the hobby!


“Tabletop City” is a festival we plan to turn into a big annual event in Veliko Tarnovo. Our dream is to be able to gather together every year and share the magic of board games with people who may have never tried one, while also testing the skill and strategy of advanced players in our tournaments.


Join us on February 24th and 25th on the ground floor of Mall Veliko Tarnovo where you will find a parade of games and demonstration desks, competitions, a lottery with many prizes and much more! Invite your friends, bring your parents and the kids cause it’s fun for all ages! And it is free!


This is the second edition of “Tabletop City”. The festival’s goal is to help people discover a new fun activity in board, social and card games, to allow people to meet and enjoy time together, and to build a local community of boardgamers.

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